Our healing miles

How we’ve started working with women and mushrooms

Mushroom Mother is an international online shop and a female-led space dedicated to mushroom consumption for health goals. It was founded by Mama Eli in 2023 but the whole story of working with customers stems from 2020, when the original business of her friend has started collecting and selling mushrooms in Ukraine. As a result of their friendship and co-creation today you can enjoy access to the high quality mushrooms straight from the source.

Our mother, Mama Eli, is a professional bodyworker and a teacher of the workshops. Eli has been helping people feel better since 2013. Influenced by the book “Shantaram” in that period, she quit her office job and traveled to India. What was supposed to be a month long trip, turned into a much bigger journey of life, as she felt instantly at home in India and began to learn eastern health systems. Eli became a traveling massage practitioner, studying indigenous cultures around the world. Even she was always an advocate for natural healthcare, it wasn’t until she started to focus her work on women and assist births that she got to know truly impressive medicine of mushrooms. The combination of her recent and long-term passions pioneered the creation of Mushroom Mother as the lifework. Her successful self-led practice of consumption was later fueled by the experience of living in the world renowned community with its own mushroom lab, Fungi Academy. This place has given a lot in terms of production expertise, enthusiasm and hands-on mushroom cultivation skills. Our team is aiming to share a variety of resources to assist you in mushroom learning too.